This website is dedicated to the Lombard language, with a particular focus on linguistic planning and thus on those procedures that may ensure its future in modern society, such as standardisation of spelling, bilingual signs, and usage in a broad range of comunicative contexts. The goal of this site is to become a lingusitic observatory for Lombard, to record the presence of Lombard and its local variants in modern society, and to be a database of lingustic resources for the Lombard language in its spoken and written forms.

The Lombard language

Lombard is a Romance language belonging to the Cisalpine branch of the Gallo-Romance group. It is spoken in southern Switzerland (Tixin/Ticino and Graubünden) and in northern Italy (in Lombardy and neighbouring regions, particularly eastern Piedmont). Lombard has been catalogued among the endangered languages of Europe by the UNESCO Atlas.

lombard language, lingua lombarda